Fall 2017 Power Lunch Workshops

Register for these free up-coming workshops presented by Loraine Della Porta and Amy Rebecca Gay:


  • Just in Time Mediation, Wed., Sept. 13, 12-2pm
    Are you a manager who needs to intervene in a conflict between your direct reports? Are you an individual contributor who always seems to gets roped in to other’s conflicts? “Just in Time Mediation” will give you easy-to-use skills to frame the issue, help the parties hear each other, and begin moving toward agreement. We’ll share DIY tips, as well as indicators you may need help.
  • What is Coaching and How to Use It, Wed., Oct. 4, 12-2pm
    The term “coaching” is used all the time, but what does it mean and how can you effectively use it in an organization? We’ll review what it is and isn’t, cover a basic skills and approaches, and discuss when and where it can be used effectively.
  • We've Got to Start Meeting Like This! Wed., Nov. 15, 12-2pm
    Good meetings don’t just happen - they result from good leadership, training and planning. We’ll review how to plan meetings, who to invite, skills to manage typical team dynamics, and how to ensure you reach decisions that result in action. Suitable for managers and others who regularly run meetings.
  • Organizational Climate Assessment Webinar, Wed., Dec. 13, 10am-11am
    Is unnecessary conflict eating up your time? Are your employees stressed? Is morale low? Do you wish you could get everyone rowing in the same direction? During this hour-long, interactive webinar you will learn how to take the pulse of your organization so you can begin to understand the source of these challenges. You’ll take away some easy tips to help employees feel valued, listened to, and respected – the first step in improving your organization’s climate. (Webinar is held online and registration is accessible through the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network website. Please register here.)

Information for all power lunch workshops:

All workshops are FREE and held at The NonProfit Center in Boston.   The office is located at 89 South Street and is located just around the corner from South Station. Visit their web page for parking and public transit options.

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own lunch. A small take-away restaurant is located inside The NonProfit Center. To register for a workshop, email or call 617-277-9232.

Training + follow-on coaching

Workshop participants who contract for one-on-one coaching within six months of taking a workshop will receive 20% off of their first three months of weekly coaching sessions. See our conflict coaching page for more information.

Training + follow-on consulting

Workshop participants whose organization hires TMG for consulting will receive a 15% discount on one day of mediation* or up to the first three days of organizational consulting. (One day equals eight hours.) See our organizations practice page for more information.

Open enrollment training + custom training

Participants that schedule a custom training for their organization within one year will receive 10% discount on the custom training fee. The offer is good for up to 3 custom training sessions.

*The discount applies only to organizational mediations and not to couples, family or civil mediations.

Conflict Competency and Leadership in Diverse Organizations Training

Research has shown that high functioning, diverse work teams are more creative, better at problem solving and more productive than homogeneous teams. However, if unresolved conflict is making team members run for the exit, all of that benefit is lost. Whether you are a manager, a union leader, or the head of the department, the ability to competently lead in a diverse organization is critical to success.

The Mediation Group offers afour-day curriculum that intertwines collaborative leadership and conflict resolution skills, enabling managers to resolve differences, facilitate productive dialogue amid a cacophony of voices, and develop bench strength among team members. Conflict resolution skills and equity and inclusion issues are woven through each module.

Managers & senior leaders will be able to:

  • Understand one’s own identity
  • Discuss difficult issues productively
  • Lead collaboratively
  • Apply appropriate process to various decisions
  • Build consensus among diverse stakeholders
  • Develop talent with concrete performance agreements
  • Manage organizational change and individual transitions

Equity and inclusion issues cover all aspects of human diversity such as race and ethnicity, gender and gender identity, ability, and others that are salient to the organization. The training can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any work environment. It can be shortened to target one or two competencies, lengthened, or combined with one-on-one coaching.


  • Day 1: Self-Discovery, Equity & Inclusion
  • Day 2: Collaborative Leadership
  • Day 3: Decision Making and Consensus Building
  • Day 4: Coaching and Change Management


Previously Offered Trainings


Conflict in Work Groups – led by Eben Weitzman
Friday-Saturday, March 20-21, 2015
Conflict in organizations, both within and between work groups, can be a critical drain on resources, and/or a major source of growth. As a leader, manager, or group member, your success is tied to the performance of your group, and high-level performance is only possible when the group can achieve high-level collaboration.  But all too often, what goes on in a work group seems to defy logic and fall below expectations.  Why is it that the performance of a group is often lower than its individual members are capable of?  Why do our best attempts to “make things better” only make them worse?  What does it take to prepare a new group to be a high-performing group, or to help a group in disarray to pivot and become excellent?

Through an immersive, highly experiential format, this course provides participants with an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics of work groups and the processes of conflict within them, and to develop skills to deal constructively with workgroup conflict.  This was a two day intensive workshop.

We Have to Start Meeting Like This! – led by Loraine Della Porta
Tuesday-Wednesday, April 14-15, 2015
Good meetings don’t just magically happen - they are the product of good leadership and good training. Meetings that are well planned and designed can serve several functions. They give participants a chance to share information, problem-solve, keep abreast of current events, and keep the organization cohesive. Most importantly, meetings are an opportunity for people to make decisions that will result in action. This was a two-day training.

Influence Skills – led by Amy Rebecca Gay
Friday, October 2, 2016
Are you asked to get things done but aren’t given any authority to do so? Do you find that people agree to do work and then don’t follow through? Is it hard to get your work on the radar of other work groups? This workshop will focus heavily the participants’ real-life scenarios, so be sure to bring your influence challenges.

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