How We Help

The Mediation Group helps people and organizations resolve current and future conflicts in constructive ways — saving them resources, time and stress.

To do this, our team of attorneys, retired judges, mental health professionals, researchers and experts in organizational development combine methods across disciplines.

Sometimes we serve as neutral mediators, helping find a solution everyone can live with. Other times we serve as arbitrators, where we listen to all sides and make a ruling that is binding. Other times we facilitate a difficult meeting, or equip an organization with the tools to navigate conflicts better in the future. And sometimes we guide an organization through a deep change process to address underlying sources of chronic conflict.

Our methods fall in nine categories: Mediation, Arbitration, Organizational Development, Training, Facilitation, Conflict Coaching, Dispute System Assessment and Design, Case Evaluation, and Special Master.

No matter the method, The Mediation Group finds a way for clients to creatively resolve conflicts and move on with their lives.