Prostate Cancer Screening Update

In 2013, TMG was hired by Roger Luckmann, MD to facilitate a process where a multi-stakeholder panel created a clinical practice guideline (CPG) for prostate cancer screening. A CPG guides doctors and their patients in making medical decisions based on the best-available scientific evidence with values choices are clearly articu- lated. The goal of the project was two-fold: to develop a process whereby patient representatives had a voice in creating the guideline, and to provide guidance to Massachusetts men and their health care providers considering prostate cancer screening. We concluded the process in May 2013 with the first goal attained: our process involved the voices of patient representatives and PCPs and we had unanimous support for the guideline. The second goal was reached earlier this year.

When the panel concluded, Dr. Luckmann took the guideline to Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) to see if they would adopt it. MHQP is a coalition of health care providers, insurers, educational insti- tutions, government and other organizations that aims to provide Massachusetts with high quality information on a broad range of health care practices. One service they provide is to review clinical practice guidelines and they agreed to review ours. They have accepted it and if you are interested in seeing the prostate cancer guide- line, you can look view it on MHQP’s web site.

Our work was recently covered in UMass Med NOW, a publication of the UMass Medical School. You can read that article here for more detail.

The panel included patient representatives, primary health care providers, medical specialists, insurers, and a representative from the Department of Public Health. Although to those of us in the dispute resolution commu- nity the composition of the panel may seem logical — all of the parties affected by the guideline are represented — it is novel in the medical community where guidelines are typically created only by experts.􏰀