Noemi Razso


Noemi Razso, M.A.

Family Mediation

Noemi Razso, M.A. (Lesley) is a mediator, divorce coach, and a therapist in private practice. Prior to becoming a mediator, she worked for several years as a mental health clinician in hospital settings. She has extensive experience in resolving family conflicts, and supporting families through difficult times and transitions. Noemi specializes in mediating family issues, creating co-parenting plans for separating parents, and helping resolve co-parenting conflicts post-divorce. 

Originally from Hungary, Noemi relocated to the U.S. almost twenty years ago. Her mediation and counseling practice values sensitivity to and awareness of cultural differences and the possible biases that can affect us in personal and professional relationships. She is the mother of two children, and has firsthand experience of the challenges that divorce and co-parenting entail. 

Noemi comes to TMG with an astute awareness of the ways in which conflict resolution requires both business acumen and empathy. Prior to completing her master’s degree in counseling psychology at Lesley University, she studied business administration and received her MBA from the Budapest Foreign Trade University.

In addition to her work with TMG, Noemi works as a pro-bono mediator with the Community Dispute Settlement Center, and maintains a private practice in Brookline and Norwood, MA. Noemi is fully bilingual in Hungarian and English, and has converstaional fluency in German, Italian and French.