Special Master

During a special master hearing, a neutral third party assists with disputes that are legally or administratively complex. The Special Master assists in designing case settlement options and offers the court an efficient way to move cases forward that may otherwise become stuck in protracted litigation. While Masters are most often court-appointed, they may also be independently selected by the parties with the approval of the court.  

Typically, the order from the appointing court specifically defines those issues to be assigned to the master. The designated master then has full authority to oversee those aspects of the litigation,  including compelling document production, examining witnesses and issuing rulings as needed. After all evidence has been taken, the master then files with the court a report which may include both findings of fact and conclusions of law.

Several of TMG’s retired judges and senior attorney's are available to serve as Masters on a variety of legal matters. Past cases have dealt with complex commercial, real estate, construction, probate and family matters.

Fees for special master services depend on the professional selected, the number of parties and other factors. Please give us a call — we would be happy to send you a detailed fee schedule or help you determine the costs that would apply to you.

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