Areas of Practice

The Mediation Group combines knowledge of the law with expertise in mental health and organizational development to resolve conflicts outside the courts.

Over our 30 years, we’ve applied this philosophy to four distinct areas of practice – legal, couples and family, organizations and health care to help all kinds of people:

  • Attorneys who want their clients to save money, time and especially the stress of heading to court.
  • Couples seeking a divorce who can’t agree over property or the children.
  • Adult siblings who can’t agree on decisions for the family business or property.
  • CEOs who must bring together colleagues bogged down in internal disputes.
  • Chief Learning Officers who wish to create educational opportunities for company teams to work better together.
  • Judges who face parties at an impasse – and need a way move on.
  • Insurance adjusters who hope to settle claims without litigation.
  • Human Resources and EAP managers who want employees to solve differences and get back on track.
  • Public officials who represent constituents on differing sides of a tough conflict.
  • Hospital supervisors who see conflict sapping morale.
  • Medical practice groups who have unresolved conflict that is blocking necessary organizational change.