Lawsuits are filed in vast numbers as a means of redressing wrongs of every conceivable variety. While litigation of civil disputes is sometimes the appropriate course of action, we believe that there are many legal matters for which alternative dispute resolution is a better option. When The Mediation Group began 30 years ago, alternative dispute resolution was in its infancy. Since then it has become widely accepted for parties to consider resolution options either instead of or in addition to pursuing a litigation strategy. Our mediators, arbitrators, case evaluators and special masters have successfully resolved several thousand cases across a range of issues such as:


Breach of contract, construction disputes, partnership dissolution, breach of fiduciary duties, close corporation and family business disputes


Insurance coverage/subrogation, life and disability insurance, ERISA

Environmental and Real Estate

Commercial leases, commercial property development, condominium disputes, landlord/tenant conflicts, abutter/boundary disputes, land use, financing, construction and title issues, zoning appeals, toxic & hazardous materials, 21E disputes, wetlands issues, nuisance/noise disputes, eminent domain, easements, foreclosures, adverse possession, public/private land disputes, family farm and estate transitions


Products liability, toxic torts/lead paint, sexual abuse, wrongful death, premises liability, construction accidents, personal injury    


Wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, intellectual property, management compensation, wage/hour claims

Workplace and Title IX Investigations

Allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination or other unlawful conduct in the learning or work place are serious and increasingly prevalent. TMG offers independent workplace and Title IX investigations.

Professional Breaches

Medical, legal, accounting and other professional malpractice, professional practice disputes

Civil Rights and Class Actions

Consumer fraud, suits against government agencies, disability discrimination, public policy disputes

TMG’s practitioners for civil cases are usually but not always lawyers and retired judges. While their legal and subject matter expertise can be extremely helpful in moving parties towards settlement, their role is strictly that of a neutral, not of a legal advisor.  Over the years, TMG has worked closely with attorneys from hundreds of law firms large and small, locally and nationally.   Please call if you’d like further information.

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