Case Evaluation

Case evaluation is a process in which a legal case is presented to an impartial evaluator, who then gives an opinion of the settlement value of the case and/or a non-binding prediction of the likely outcome if the case were to proceed in the courts. 

Case evaluations can be provided to both parties as they consider how they may want to proceed in litigating or otherwise resolving a dispute. Sometimes, case evaluations are provided to just one side in a dispute. For example, TMG case evaluators have provided coaching, consultation and advice to attorneys and litigants contemplating their likelihood of prevailing on appeal. The perspective of an experienced neutral can be helpful to those whose close personal involvement in a case makes it difficult to consider the risks and benefits critically and objectively. TMG case evaluators have also been engaged by counsel as they prepare briefs or oral arguments. Sometimes this consultation occurs solely on submission of written documents. In other instances the evaluator meets in person with counsel as they work to strengthen their presentations or document submissions to the courts. Case evaluation is most often useful in litigation involving such issues as commercial, trusts, real estate, insurance or construction disputes. 

TMG offers a distinguished panel of retired judges and senior attorneys to serve as case evaluators. Their legal expertise supports efficient and well- reasoned decision making in complex legal matters.  

Fees for case evaluation depend on the professional selected, the number of parties and other factors. Please give us a call — we would be happy to send you a detailed fee schedule or help you determine the costs that would apply to you.

Our Experts Specializing in Case Evaluation