Kylie Millbern


Kylie Millbern, M.A.


Organizational Development, Training, Mediation

Since joining TMG, Kylie has worked with the organizational team in a variety of roles on numerous projects. She currently spearheads the intake process of TMG’s pilot workplace mediation program with the Boston Public Schools. In the recent past, she played an active role facilitating a 2-day retreat for the staff and executive board members of a local union. This retreat was one piece of a larger Real Time Strategic Change process.  She participated and assisted the organizational team during diversity and leadership work with the City of Cambridge.  She facilitated a group during the Cambridge Leadership Initiative Capstone event, which assisted participants in creating useful and immediate steps toward positive change.

As a mediator, she has volunteered her time as a Small Claims Court mediator in Dorchester and Quincy Courts. Kylie enjoys practicing her facilitation skills in different settings, most recently with the City of Cambridge’s Participatory Budget Process. Kylie often provides trainings and power lunch seminars to local organizations and non-profits on a wide range of conflict resolution topics like Mediation 101, Giving and Receiving Feedback, How to Influence, and Running Effective Meetings.

Kylie completed her Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her Master’s project took her to the Middle East where she worked with Ultimate Peace, a coexistence sports program, uniting Israeli and Palestinian youth through Ultimate Frisbee. Kylie created an evaluation program that is now being continued and adapted by a partnership between UMass Boston and Ultimate Peace. She received the Ambassador John W. McDonald Award for Leadership and Innovation in Global Governance and Conflict Resolution for her work on the project.

Prior to TMG, Kylie acted as a process consultant for a graduate level class within the Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance at UMass Boston under the guidance of Eben Weitzman, Ph.D. Kylie currently serves as the treasurer of the Board of Directors for the New England Association of Conflict Resolution (NE-ACR) and volunteers as a facilitator with Communities for Restorative Justice (C4RJ).