The Boston Migrant Summit

The Mediation Group has decided to participate in the Boston Migrant Summit on June 4th, 2018 at the Federal Reserve Plaza from 9am-4:30pm. The goals and objectives of the Boston Migrant Summit is to generate and build consensus around a set of realistic actions that Refugees Welcome! and local and state officials can take to strengthen service provision for an array of migrants (i.e, refugees, asylees, documented and undocumented). In order to do this, Refugees Welcome! created a model for strategic planning that is customized to migrant service provision. The process draws from public participatory planning and group facilitation help stimulate discussion and guide participants through the strategic planning process. 

What makes this particular strategic planning process so special is that it draws on the knowledge of service providers from different, normally segregated, fields. It does this by breaking down the planning process by service provision type. These fields were developed through research conducted by Refugees Welcome!. Participants, in this case, staff members of organizations that provide services to migrants, will develop separate plans within their fields to present to other fields. This more holistic planning process develops plans that ensure migrants are connected with services across fields more effectively. This makes staff participation particularly important. TMG will be at the Summit participating as group facilitators.

Perhaps your organization may benefit from participating. Nonprofits are free to participate even when migrants are not their primary beneficiary. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided at the event.  

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