Planning for and Managing Successions in Leadership

Planning for and Managing Successions in Leadership

In the latest entry for the TMG blog, Janet Grogan discusses her recent work in helping organizations deal with corporate leadership turnover. Using two examples, Janet describes different processes with very different results. This 3 minute read may provide some guidance on how to handle your workplace’s stressors.

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New! TMG Power Lunches -- free interactive, practical workshops

Join us for short, interactive workshops over lunch that will help you see common challenges in new ways and provide one or two tools you can immediately apply. Conveniently located at the Nonprofit Center, 89 South St. (by South Station), Boston. We look forward to seeing you there.

Power Lunch: Organizational Climate Assessment

When: Monday, March 27, 2017 12:00-2:00 PM

Description: Is unnecessary conflict eating up your time? Are your employees stressed? Is morale low? Do you wish you could get everyone rowing in the same direction? At this 2 hour, interactive workshop you will learn how to take the pulse of your organization so you can begin to understand the source of these challenges. You’ll take away some easy tips to help employees feel valued, listened to, and respected – the first step in shifting your organizational climate.

We will have snacks and water. You are welcome to bring your lunch. Please RSVP by 3/20 to

Power Lunch: Negotiation

When: Wednesday, April 5, 2017 12:00-2:00 PM

Description: Do you avoid negotiation? Do you always think you could have gotten a better deal? Do you feel like other people just “know” how to do it? The good news is that negotiation skill can be learned. In this two hour, interactive workshop you will learn how to identify the underlying drivers, find common ground, and tap into an underused source of negotiating power.

We will have snacks and water. You are welcome to bring your lunch. Please RSVP by 3/29 to


Loraine Della Porta, JD and Amy Rebecca Gay, PhD are senior consultants and mediators with The Mediation Group. They bring years of experience helping municipalities, non-profits and government agencies work through conflict and build effective cultures, they have taught negotiation, conflict resolution and mediation to a wide audience, and bring a sense of fun and engagement to their work together.


Questions to Help Your Team Work Better Together

More than ever, people today work in teams. The benefits of teams seem obvious: a greater diversity of knowledge and skill; more hands to help with the lift; more perspectives; and the synergy of people working together. And yet, unresolved conflicts in teams are common, and often at the heart of baffling, frustrating organizational problems. Sometimes these conflicts are overt, and sometimes . . . .

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