The Co-Mediation Model

The hallmark of our family practice is a co-mediation model, which includes a mediator with a background in mental health and another mediator with legal training. We believe this approach improves all kinds of family related practice– whether with traditional divorcing couples, non-traditional family structures, family businesses or estate/generational/adult sibling disputes. 

The complexities of family conflicts are profound. Having a therapist/ mediator with an understanding of characterological defensive structures, as well as family systems dynamics can help break through stuck moments. In addition, having a familiarity with understanding and sitting with intense emotional dynamics allows for the possibility that these dynamics can be identified and named, thereby taming their otherwise terrifying effects.

An attorney who is familiar with the law and skilled in legal problem solving is equally important to the co-mediation team. A sophisticated understanding of the workings of the law can free up parties to explore a range of options and utilize creative solutions. Legal problem solving skills are particularly well suited to “closing the deal” or negotiating practical solutions, both necessary complements to insight.

Together, the co-mediation team can expertly guide the couple or other family members through a difficult